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You have limited experience of capital raising so you need a corporate finance advisor, but then you have little experience of corporate finance advisors, so how do you know if they’re any good? We provide some top tips for aspiring business looking to go beyond their accountant or local business advisor when embarking on ...

Key points

  • Expect years not months until Article 50 is triggered
  • Boris Johnson to lead the UK out of Europe
  • Liberal Leavers only looking to leave “political structures” of the European Union
  • So Norwegian style deal most likely, with continued access to single market
  • Freedom of movement to stay, but further compromises on welfare
  • Short ...

Take your pick!

  • £100bn
  • £4,300 per household
  • £2,200 by 2020

...the debate on the precise economic impact of Brexit appears to be alive and kicking. One thing that has not been under debate for some time, in spite of the more strident political voices, is that exit will produce some sort of economic ...

Engaging successfully with private debt funds can be very different from working with a bank to arrange a lending facility. Here we take you step-by-step through the key stages when raising investment from non-bank funders.

Step 1 - Explore your options

As the saying goes “information is power” and understanding what are your options is a ...

Finance is a world awash with jargon. For anyone but the experts the torrent of technical terminology can be bewildering. However, hidden behind many of the terms and phrases is usually a simple idea, and often a familiar one at that. In this Altimapa guide we define the most commonly used terms that you may ...

With a 3 percentage point cut in corporation tax, a slashing of Capital Gains Tax and lifting the burden of business rates on an estimated 600,000 small companies, last month’s budget was undoubtedly a great one for UK’s business sector.

But under the headline grabbing items, the budget also contained a couple ...

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