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Q&A with Senior Associate, Marielle Meyer

Can you share the most valuable advice you've ever received?

The biggest advice I've received is to use my sensitivity and empathy as a tool in business. I'm naturally a curious person and attentive listener, and can easily feel empathetic with people that I may have just met. On the face of it, this doesn't seem to be a strategic advantage, particularly in traditionally male dominated industries such as finance where these traits, generally speaking, may be overlooked. What I've found is that so many people are focused on making their argument and are listening just to respond. Listening to understand fosters trust with the client and gets you to a better solution, and faster. I think it also allows what could be perceived as a "sales call" to become a conversation on how to find a solution.

What do you focus on at Altimapa?

I focus on origination and partnerships. This means sourcing companies that fit our investment critiera, having an initial conversation with them to better understand their financing requirements and working with the team at Altimapa to propose a relevant product with them. I also support live transactions and execution. Finally, I  facilitate partnershpis with our broader ecosystem of professional counterparties by attending confererences, industry specific dinners and producing content.

Is there a specific achievement or moment in your time at Altimapa that stands out to you?

We should be (hopefully very soon!) closing our first deal that I was involved in bringing on. 

What inspired you to pursue a career in Capital Markets?

My previous role involved sourcing companies for PE funds, but I didn't get to necessearily follow the companies' growth story once they secured investment. Working in capital markets allows me to "get under the hood" financially and provide a deeper advisory role than I did before.

What was your professional background before joining Altimapa?

At my previous firm, I managed a team focused on servicing large cap tech funds. As part of my role, I was able to speak with growth to mature stage European tech businesses that fit our client's investment criteria.

What's your favourite part of your role at Altimapa?

In a given day I can speak with companies in industries as diverse as solar, construction, recruiting, or manufacturing. My favourite part of my role at Altimapa is how much I am challenged and able to learn every day. We are proud industry generalists and as such, I am constantly upskilling on industries and working with companies that face unique challenges.