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Project Ignite

"Altimapa were very straightforward to deal with, and were able to advise on the best way to handle negotiations with the most interested lenders. In the end we received multiple termsheets with offers of the sum we wanted, on broadly the terms we had been told to expect right at the start. Pedro, Claire and the rest of the team did a great job in finding us the debt we needed to expand our business."

The Anatomy of a Direct Lender

Most business owners would be able to tell you that a bank takes deposits and gives out loans. However, if you were to ask the same about private debt lenders, they would struggle to respond. Here we explain the structure of a direct lender:

Much like a mutual fund, private debt funds are a specialised ...

Why not have a larger share of a much bigger pie?
“Non-dilutive financing is the type of capital acquisition that does not require you to give up shares of your business”,
Scott Shane, Case Western Reserve University

Dilutive financing may be common place and expected in the world of technology start-ups. But for a regional family run business, the idea of having to give up some ...