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Q&A with Director of Transactions, Vlad Groza

Vlad Groza has been with Altimapa Capital for four years.

Can you share the most valuable advice you've ever received?

A little quote from Mark Twain: "What gets you into trouble is not what you don't know, it's what you know for sure that it just ain't so." I'm not sure this is the most valuable but certainly very relevant, especially in finance.

What do you focus on at Altimapa?

Much like the rest of the team, I wear several hats depending on the situation. My main role revolves around transaction execution, which is heavily focussed on working with our clients to make sure we create a compelling investment case, which best highlights the virtues of the company and its management. Once we receive investor interest I also remain engaged throughout the closing process to aid the interaction between our clients and investors. Separately, I have a background in structured finance, which comes in useful in our work with non-bank lender (alternative finance platforms) clients. 

Is there a specific achievement or moment in your time at Altimapa that stands out to you?

Closing the financing for Sandfield Capital was especially rewarding given my close involvement in the deal. I was very proud to be part of their growth story which also carries a substantial social impact for their customers. 

What inspired you to pursue a career in Capital Markets?

Given the current market dynamics, where many good firms are still facing major capital constraints, the advisory space provides extensive opportunities for value-add, especially in the mid-market space. As a sector agnostic firm we are able to provide our expertise to a broad range of clients, which keeps it interesting. 

What was your professional background before joining Altimapa?

I started off in banking in London with MUFG, a major Japanese institution, before moving to a small private debt fund called Hadrian's Wall Capital where I worked on direct lending opportunities in the UK. My approach to live deals within Altimapa Capital is always driven by this experience and focussed on preparing our clients to meet the typical requirements of the investors we bring to the table.

What's your favourite part of your role at Altimapa?

We have a small but very collaborative and supportive team which is always open to new ideas pertaining either to internal or client-related matters.